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Systems Biology is an interdisciplinary approach to increase the understanding of biological systems. It is a consequential application of tools and methods from systems and control engineering to biological systems. At the heart of this approach is the development of mathematical models to simulate and analyze biological systems. Mathematical analysis methods aim at deriving predictions and hypotheses for the considered process based on a mathematical model. As Systems Biology is a field at the interface of Biology, System Sciences, Engineering and Information Technology, the students will be provided with selected methods from all these fields.
The elective course contains various techniques to derive mathematical models of biological processes at multiple scales based on different assumptions. The students will learn biological measurement and analysis techniques while facing the characteristics of biological data. They will be provided with the theory necessary to calibrate models to experimental data and to draw conclusions from model based predictions. While theory focuses on data driven modeling and network analysis methods, application examples give practical insight into the interdisciplinary work.

Hinweis: Das Spezialisierungsfach "Systembiologie" kann ab Januar 2018 vorübergehend nicht mehr neu belegt werden.


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